Poll: US uninsured rate drops to 11.9 per cent

Apr 15, 2015 | Health Insurance Billing

The rate of uninsured Americans fell to 11.9 percent in the first quarter of 2015 based on the results of the annual Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. Carried out between January 2 and March 31, 2015, the poll asked 43,575 adults around the United States whether  they had health insurance coverage. The study reveals that the first quarter rate was the lowest since 2008, when the index was first compiled. Furthermore, the poll shows a sharp decrease in the rate of uninsured Americans from 18 percent on the eve of the Affordable Care Act launch in fall 2013.

According to Gallup, the uninsured rate dropped significantly among lower-income Americans and Hispanics. The survey also revealed that more Americans under the age of 65 have self-funded coverage. The polling firm predicts that the rate could drop even further in the coming months due to the special enrollment period (March 15 through April 30) established by the Obama administration for those who realize that they must pay a fine for not obtaining proper health care coverage last year.

"The significant drop in uninsured Hispanics is a key accomplishment for the Obama administration, which led targeted efforts to insure this group as they had the highest uninsured population of all key subgroups," Gallup-Healthways pollsters claimed. "However, despite the gains in insurance coverage among Hispanics and lower-income Americans, these groups still have higher uninsured rates than other key subgroups."

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