California health insurance providers ‘inadvertently’ charged policyholders for plans

Feb 3, 2014 | Healthcare Industry News

Last fall, the government notified many insurance companies that they had to discontinue some of their policies because they failed to meet the Affordable Care Act's standards. This led to millions of Americans in the position to find health insurance coverage within a shorter time period. This caused confusion for Americans, as well as the health insurance businesses that were affected.

In California specifically, the transition to implement ACA regulations may put California health insurance providers in hot water for mistakenly charging policy holders for two plans. The new one they had to find last-minute and the program that was supposedly canceled in late 2013, ProPublica reported.

"No business conducts fair business that way," resident Kevin Kingma  told the source. "In December, they should be telling customers, this is the plan you will be converted into, this is the cost."

The California Department of Insurance added this mistake is expected to have an additional evaluation because Kaiser Permanente and Anthem Blue Cross may have violated some laws for failing to notify policy holders on how to withdraw from electronic payment and charging customers for plans that they aren't using.

Both organizations told the news source that they are in the midst of refunding those who were wrongfully charged.

Accounts receivable management in California are also in limbo because they may not know which health insurance policy to go by if they weren't notified about these changes. If it turns out that the patient is not covered by the plan these professionals choose, the department is likely going to experience a lot of back-and-forth between both parties. To ensure operations remain smooth at this time, look into outsourcing medical claims management