Department of Justice charged over 300 people for Medicare fraud

Feb 3, 2014 | Healthcare Industry News

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services serve as one of the biggest sources of health care financing for Americans, but time and again practitioners will fall into temptation and take advantage of this resource.

Since the program started in 2007, the Justice Department's Medicare Fraud Strike Force has recovered over $5 billion in false or excessive claims, the DOJ's release explained. The task force in charge of getting to the bottom of the alleged fraudulent activity has divisions in New York, Louisiana, California, Texas, Illinois, Florida and Michigan.

"The Medicare Fraud Strike Force is one of this country's most productive investments," Acting Assistant Attorney General Mythili Raman said in the announcement. "We are not only putting hundreds of criminals who steal from Medicare in prison, but also stopping their theft in its tracks, recovering millions of dollars for taxpayers, and deterring potential criminals who ultimately decide the crime isn't worth it."

After convicting 345 practitioners and medical receivable management professionals across 137 cases, the Justice Department's Medicare Fraud Strike Force saw a record high in convictions — for every dollar that was used to find these Medicare offenders, the government retrieved $8 back, according to Fierce Health Payer.

"These record results underscore our determination to hold accountable those who take advantage of vulnerable populations, commit fraud on federal health care programs, and place the safety of others at risk for illicit financial gain," Attorney General Eric Holder added in the announcement. "By targeting our enforcement efforts to 'hot spots' in nine cities, the Medicare Fraud Strike Force is allowing us to fight back more effectively than ever before."

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