Accounts Receivable Clean Up

Given the number of high-priority accounts constantly on
your plate, you can’t afford to allow a small collection of
low balances to grow, which could ultimately require
far too much time and resources to manage.

Backlog Management

Tackling Accounts Receivable Backlogs Efficiently

Even if your accounts receivable backlog is made up of low balance accounts, you don’t want them to linger. After a period of time, these seemingly low-priority claims can add up and become a bigger issue than they ever should have been. 

Your backlog likely won’t grow because of a lack of desire to clean it up. Accounts often fall by the wayside due to circumstances out of your control. Employee turnover, computer conversion or work redesign all run the risk of negating low-priority accounts. The only problem is, they don’t go away, and they will eventually have to be managed. With so many daily operations to manage, getting to these can be a challenge.

Relieve Your Backlog Burden with Professional Medical Services

At Professional Medical Services (PMS) we alleviate the responsibility of cleaning up your backlog by doing it for you. Not only do we have the work ethic required to manage your cleanup projects and see them through until the end, our knowledgeable and talented staff will ensure each backlog is cleaned up with the utmost efficiency and that you are paid in a timely manner.

We partner with your business office

Working as an extension of our client’s business office through remote connection (VPN or Website) to their Health Information System (EPIC, McKesson STAR, SMS Invision, Meditech, Cerner, Soarian, etc.) PMS manages the outsourced accounts receivable following the same policies and procedures utilized by the client to resolve outstanding insurance balances. All notes are directly entered in the clients HIS for a seamless interaction between hospital staff and PMS’ staff.

Expert claim review for all payor types

Our staff understands the various payor types and we will review each claim to ensure you are reimbursed properly. It’s important to ensure that regardless of the type of claim, it is resolved quickly and you are paid what you are owed. Due to our extensive knowledge of the various factors that can impact your accounts receivable, our services are optimized to help you because we work with you as an extension of your accounts receivable department.

Boost Productivity

Strengthen Your Accounts Receivable Operations

By cleaning up old accounts, we allow you to have the time and space to concentrate on the high-priority claims that require your attention every day. You can also rest assured that these low balance accounts will not accumulate and become a larger problem, nor will you run the risk of reducing cash flow or increasing accounts receivable days as you exclusively focus on daily accounts.

We know that an efficient accounts receivable department increases the overall profitability of your organization, and with our assistance cleaning up your aged accounts, you can attain the level of efficiency you need to be successful.