Interim Billing Programs

Our team of experts of all Third Party Payor types will work with you to eliminate any risks related to a growing billing backlog.

Clearing Billing Backlogs

Streamlining Healthcare Accounts Receivable

Billing backlogs can happen, even if you administer best practices pertaining to the organization and management of your accounts. If you are experiencing high volumes of unbilled claims due to staff turnover, system conversion and/or other reasons there’s a chance something can fall through the cracks. With so much going on, it’s hard to stay on top of all your billing operations. If you do dedicate all your time to this task, you run the risk of negating important daily processes like management of your high priority accounts.

At Professional Medical Services (PMS), we don’t want this to happen, but we also understand your billing backlogs must be cleaned quickly for you to operate a more efficient and productive accounts receivable department. Our interim billing programs not only reduce the burden of your backlog, we do so in a way that ensures you are paid quickly and in a hassle-free manner.

The Professional Medical Services Advantage

Our dedicated staffers give us an advantage over our competitors, as we work as an extension of your organization we generate strategies and offer the solutions you need to effectively manage all billing responsibilities.

We connect remotely either via VPN or your Website and can work with a number of major billing programs including EPremis, Emdeon, SSI, MedAssets, CareMedic, etc. This allows us to clean up your billing backlogs in the most efficient possible manner while hospital staff focuses on new bills.