Third Party Claims Billing Reviews

Errors that take place during the billing process can cause significant problems in your accounts receivable department. When errors occur, the most important thing is for them to be identified and properly managed as quickly as possible.

Identifying and Fixing Errors

Error Detection for Accounts Receivable Optimization

One of the problems encountered by accounts receivable departments is a misunderstanding of where the error could have happened. They are not always easy to recognize, and looking through a myriad of reports and data sets to find all errors and fix them is an inefficient use of time. Because you are already focused on numerous other tasks, like cleaning up aged receivables and managing your daily high-priority accounts, spending any significant amount of time looking for errors could hurt the entire department’s productivity.

Billing Error Correction

Accuracy Through Error Analysis

At Professional Medical Services (PMS), we work with your accounts receivable department to find and correct any and all billing errors. We do this by analyzing the Rejected Claim Log from your electronic system—which we can remotely connect to either by VPN or your website—and then categorize these errors by department. This is an efficient process that allows for all errors to be uncovered and handled by the appropriate party.

We Help You Prevent Future Errors

PMS is committed to identifying and eliminating billing errors so you can successfully process your Third Party claims, and we do so by following best practices in the industry. However, while we ensure all errors are handled efficiently, we know the best course of action is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. When errors are kept to a minimum, it reduces the number of rejected claims and limits the need to evaluate them. The time that would be spent on this task can then be allocated elsewhere, which boosts the overall productivity of your department. 

By providing educational services and conducting departmental meetings, we help everyone understand the best practices needed to prevent errors, which helps increase the number of “CLEAN” Third Party Claims generated from the health care provider. This way, errors are kept to a minimum and time and money is only spent on processing claims and receiving your money, rather than fixing mistakes. Our comprehensive approach ensures a smoother accounts receivable process.