Accounts receivable management: Part 2 [Video]

Apr 17, 2017 | Uncategorized

Welcome back! In Part 1, we addressed the challenges that can cause problems for the financial teams of health care providers. Now, we’ll look at how enlisting the outsourced accounts receivable management from Professional Medical Services can make your accounting easier.

Because we’re directly connected to your business office and are compatible with all major health information systems, it’s almost like we’re side by side with your team.

Our primary focus is on your low-balance claims – the ones that can add up and become a problem if left unattended.

Through our team’s expertise and our system’s efficient automation, we can offer improvement to overall cash flow, a decrease in losses stemming from blown deadlines and more manageable workloads for your collectors within 60 days.

Contact us directly to learn more. Thanks for watching!